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Kangyo Yokohama Securities is a fully independent investment and wealth management leader, with its retail and Corporate Trading division headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

From our offices in Tokyo, we serve private individuals and families from North America to Europe and with our corporate trading division strategically located in Tokyo, Japan, we have unrivaled access to Asia’s high yielding emerging markets, access to corporate resources, private equity and global mergers and acquisitions.

Whether you are an individual looking for access to investment opportunities outside of your own country, or an Institutional investor searching for better yields, all of our clients benefit from the expertise and professionalism we bring to bear when devising the solutions and planning the strategies that make the most of their financial circumstances.

We are suitably compact in size to be exceptionally nimble and agile, yet we are large enough to be able to negotiate preferential terms on privately placed share offerings that have earned our clients the exceptional, market-beating returns that have seen our referrals triple in recent years.

Kangyo Yokohama Securities aims to help our clients realize their investment objectives whilst simultaneously setting the highest standards for transparency and integrity within our industry.

Today, with the preservation of wealth being the priority for many savers and investors, we are proud to say that our attention to detail and intimate knowledge of our markets continues to enable our clients to achieve those goals.