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Kangyo Yokohama Securities has a strong presence on its responsibilities as a retail and corporate group. Through all our business operations we seek to help and act as a responsible citizen in the areas we operate in that is echoed through the company’s philosophy.

We understand and believe that as a responsible citizen it is important not only to challenge but to establish a safe and trustworthy financial institution that bears the company name. We offer an unrivaled financial service with a code of conduct to all of our clients.

Through our corporate operations in Tokyo, Japan we have helped and supported local communities offering internship placements with an open door policy. To give back to a community is to seek suitability in the development of its local society, investing in the future for a better tomorrow.

With funds that have been allocated to help build and refurbish buildings destroyed by recent natural disasters, through workshops for the youth to teach and inspire a new generation of proactive leaders, to supplying clothes and educational books.

To learn more about the active steps Kangyo Yokohama Securities takes on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) or to voice an area of interest for funding please email us at [email protected]