IPO Listing

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Kangyo Yokohama Securities IPO Listings for many emerging companies, going public represents the ultimate progression from start-up to public recognition of the value of the hard work, effort, planning, and vision that has gone into building a business.

The process is straightforward despite the jargon traditionally associated with it. It involves assembling a team that will include, amongst others, lawyers, an underwriter (an investment bank or broker-dealer). Lawyers ensure that all public disclosures are made in the Initial Public Offering (IPO) prospectus while the underwriter will take care of setting the price for the stock and arranging for the large institutional investors to buy an agreed volume of them at the actual launch.

Kangyo Yokohama Securities has acted as lead and co-underwriter on several large public stock market floatations in recent years. We have a strong IPO team and some of the most extensive institutional investment connections on the continent.

A fit-for-purpose team including our influential equity sales division can expedite the process while ensuring it runs smoothly and without hitches while keeping attendant costs to a minimum.