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There is currently a trend in which individuals are developing a greater awareness of investment, the financial markets and how they work. A growing number of those coming to Kangyo Yokohama Securities are, to varying degrees, knowledgeable investors who, for various reasons, wish to add our considerable expertise to their investment decision-making process and improve the performance of their portfolios.

We welcome this development since we genuinely hope that, through interaction with us, all our clients emerge as better, more informed investors.

These more financially aware clients generally prefer to retain ultimate control over what is bought, sold and held within their portfolios. Often, they seek insight into markets that, perhaps, are inaccessible to them or, as seen on an increasing number of instances, may require our due diligence expertise to be brought to bear on opportunities they have sourced themselves.

By opting for our Advisory Service, clients effectively become members of our investment management team. We collaborate with them with a view to formulating the best strategy but, as they preserve ultimate authority over all decisions relating to their investments, no transactions can be conducted without their prior approval.

Clients wishing to actively participate in the investment decision-making process and keep complete control over their portfolios will certainly find our Advisory service rewarding and accommodative.

By availing themselves of this service, clients will also derive considerable benefit from:

  • Closely monitored portfolios and regular performance updates
  • Access to multiple research providers including our in-house analysts
  • Meticulous due diligence operations
  • Access to global markets at highly-favorable prices courtesy of our price negotiation power with those companies providing custodian services to our clients
  • Pertinent input from our highly-experienced investment professionals regarding self-sourced opportunities that can prove extremely valuable before making final decisions



Many Kangyo Yokohama Securities clients prefer to allow us to manage their investments on a discretionary basis. Essentially, this means that the tactical decisions made with regard to a client’s portfolio are made by us. One of the benefits of this type of arrangement is that we are able to move swiftly without having to seek client approval in the event that an opportunity becomes available in the market.

Many of our clients have busy lives and responsibilities that make it difficult for them to devote the time and effort required to manage an investment portfolio successfully or, indeed, they may simply not have the experience. Others merely wish to rest assured in the knowledge that their investments are in receipt of professional care and consideration.

Accounts are managed in strict accordance with the investment objectives agreed with them at the outset and at subsequent reviews.  For example, a client may stipulate that only stocks in ethical companies are held in the account or that only the debt/bonds of blue-chip corporates with a yield greater than 5% should be acquired.  These are formally registered on the client’s profile before any investment decisions are taken and are strictly adhered to.

Personal circumstances can and do change with greater regularity than most of us appreciate and, with them, the client’s investment objectives.  Our clients can vary the way in which their account is managed at any time by informing their adviser of their changed needs.

In addition to twice-yearly portfolio evaluations, discretionary clients can still expect to receive contract notes that detail and confirm all transactions effected on their accounts immediately.

 Our Discretionary Service gives clients:

  • Our premium service, managing investments under a ‘contract of care’
  • A dedicated, personal discretionary investment manager
  • Twice-yearly portfolio evaluations that include highly transparent statements of transactions and a performance appraisal
  • Quarterly portfolio valuations
  • Personalized, bespoke portfolios capable of achieving their objectives

By preserving our independence, we enable our discretionary managers to work on furthering client interests, unfettered by limitations on products, assets and markets. We are not compelled to invest client capital in assets or products specific to a single or a group of providers.  With the plethora of investment opportunities available in various sectors and markets, we are free to take advantage of these opportunities whilst, of course, remaining within the guidelines we have agreed.

Kangyo Yokohama Securities provides this superior service on a fee basis.  Our management fee is 1.0% per annum of the value of the portfolio up to US$250,000 and 0.5% on holdings in excess of that number.