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There are as many opinions on what the future holds as there are investment managers and the primary reason for this is the difference in how data is interpreted.

With this in mind, it’s clear that investor psychology and emotion is at the heart of the pricing of all tradable assets. What is intriguing is that bullishness (optimism) or bearishness (pessimism) is often self-fulfilling, but almost always erroneous at the extremes of either meaning that when everyone is bullish on a particular asset, the consensus is almost always wrong.

Most people are not emotionally wired to be successful investors. Any historical analysis of markets demonstrates that without fail, investors always chase what has performed well in the recent past and typically drive markets to valuation excesses. This results in many becoming drawn in at or near the top and unceremoniously dumped at the bottom, losing their shirts in the process.

At Kangyo Yokohama Securities, we believe that over a medium-long-term investment horizon of, say, 7 to 10 years, valuation, or the price paid for an asset is the single most important element in whether or not an investor is successful. Unfortunately, investors will rarely allow themselves or their investment managers a time horizon of that duration in which to be proven correct. Therefore, the skill of investment management is to exercise judgment and experience to pilot the course effectively while attempting to reduce volatility, manage risk and correctly determine the weighting of different asset classes.

Kangyo Yokohama Securities believes that the long-term, value investing and the research and analysis we diligently carry out today will set the foundations for the market-beating returns our clients earn tomorrow.

  • Such is the importance of research to Kangyo Yokohama Securities that we employ twice as many analysts as we do traders, account managers and portfolio managers combined.
  • We understand the rationale behind careful diversification and effective asset allocation. Your eggs can never be placed in one basket.
  • Although we pride ourselves on the caliber of service we deliver, we understand that, ultimately, our goal is to deliver the best performance whilst exposing your capital to the lowest level of risk. We understand that the return of capital is just as important as the return on capital.

We look for opportunities in mid and large-cap corporations in developed markets with clear and defined strategies for expansion at home or abroad.

Part of our role is to filter out press chatter and excessive conjecture in order to arrive at a clear, well-thought out and compelling case for buying, selling or holding the stock of one company over that of another. We pore meticulously over fundamentals, projections and earnings reports before identifying the most opportune moment at which to acquire a stock with a view to riding the upward trend until it is appropriate to sell and realize profits.

What you can expect from Kangyo Yokohama Securities:

  • Unimpeachable Risk Management Practices
  • Transparency, Honesty & Full Disclosure
  • Highly Qualified Recommendations
  • Deep Commitment To Increasing Your Wealth
  • Blue Chip Stock Recommendations