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Here at Kangyo Yokohama Securities, we don’t think it is possible to provide sound investment counsel unless we have an accurate picture of what we have to work with. To us, the very idea of taking a cookie-cutter approach to investment planning where a client leaves with an off-the-shelf portfolio is abhorrent.

What We Look For
All clients are unique and they all need purpose-built, bespoke solutions that address their similarly unique personal circumstances. In order to satisfy this most elementary proviso, Kangyo Yokohama Securities professionals conduct a form of due diligence that helps to establish each client’s tolerances for investment risk, their future plans – in the short and the long-term – and they also gauge their expectations for investment returns.

Our approach requires that we look carefully at any existing investments as well as cash flow and liabilities. These typically include mortgages, car loans and the like but we also look at tax status. This is because tax is the mortal enemy of the successful investor.

Navigating the Waters
Kangyo Yokohama Securities investment planning is intended to supply our clients with a guide to follow; a course plotted to navigate through the constantly changing flow of their investment lives. Ultimately, deviating from a carefully plotted course, can make investment much more complex, perilous and expensive than many clients have resources to deal with.

Upon meeting with Kangyo Yokohama Securities for the first time, we will ask to conduct review of your personal financial circumstances. This will focus on your income, expenditure initially before going into greater depth and seeking to identify your investment goals.

Starting from the bottom
Working from the bottom up in this fashion gives us the confidence we need to make cast-iron recommendations with conviction knowing they will be the most likely to help you reach those goals. That said, a portfolio that doesn’t allow for flexibility or that doesn’t respond to change is one that could potentially become a burden.

Therefore, every Kangyo Yokohama Securities portfolio is designed so that it can adapt to changing circumstances. What this means for the client is the ability to cash in a position or an asset without being punished by penalties or early-redemption charges.

In summary, our methodology revolves around:

• Gauging your investment requirements
• Establishing your tolerance for investment risk
• Ensuring your portfolio is suitably flexible

Where We Invest
Three primary asset classes make up the mainstay of our bespoke portfolios. We believe that by carefully balancing the weighting given to each class, we can tailor each portfolio to its owner’s specific requirements not only at the outset but at any point in the investment time horizon.